Schneider Mirror Cabinets

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Schneider's mission:

Our guiding principle is geared towards customers, partners, staff, and the public. It is guided by the values and expectations of the company structure, as it shows the culture that we want.

  1. Our staff work in pleasant social surroundings and produce high-quality products with the necessary individual responsibility.
  2. We see ourselves as our customers partner and guarantee a professional service over years.
  3. With new developments, the design and also the benefits are of prime importance. With the use of first-class materials designed to last a long time, material and energy resources are saved.
  4. With modern technology and constant innovation, we want to remain market leader in our product segment in Switzerland.


Schneider is a very popular brand of Mirror Cabinets all over Europe, and they're just starting to make their mark in the UK.

With modern, exquisitely designed mirror cabinets, with or without LED lightning, along with the respectable price range on all of their cabinets, it's easy to see why wherever Schneider opens up, they quickly rise to the top of their respective product range.